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    TechnologyThis Compact Speaker Packs a Powerful Audio Punch

    This Compact Speaker Packs a Powerful Audio Punch


    The latest audio has allowed speakers to stream music wirelessly from our phones, but many lack additional versatile connectivity options. The Tivoli Audio Model One Digital Gen 2 aims to stand out with a retro design and modern features that give music lovers complete control over their listening experience.

    Though it resembles an antique radio from the past, this compact speaker surprised me with its full, rich sound that belies its small size. Despite measuring only several inches across, it filled my entire apartment with crisp, vibrant tunes. Vocals and instruments received clear definition, while the deep bass packed a audible punch. Its sound quality easily rivaled larger speakers I've tested.

    What truly sets the Model One Digital Gen 2 apart is its support for WiFi streaming via AirPlay and Chromecast. This allows selecting tracks and playlists directly from music services instead of relying solely on Bluetooth from one's phone. A full-function remote also provides simplicity in adjusting settings from afar.

    During my testing, I smoothly streamed songs and playlists from various platforms by simply connecting to my home WiFi network. This delivered an uninterrupted listening experience without disrupting notifications or calls on my device. For those wanting traditional radio as well, it also includes an FM tuner with presets.

    At around $650, the Tivoli Audio isn't the most affordable option. However, for music aficionados seeking a versatile speaker with incredible sound in a retro package, this digital upgrade proves worth the investment. Its wide-ranging connectivity and lively, detailed audio left me thoroughly impressed. For those prioritizing top-notch sound quality over , the Model One Digital Gen 2 deserves an audition.

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