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    TechnologyApple approves Epic Games Store app but future remains unclear as technical...

    Apple approves Epic Games Store app but future remains unclear as technical issues persist


    Apple greenlights Epic Games Store app on App Store, but issues remain unresolved

    In a surprising turn of events, gaming giant Apple has allowed Epic Games to launch its own digital marketplace called the Epic Games Store on iPhones and iPads in Europe. However, this approval seems to be temporary as lingering disagreements between the two tech titans continue threatening a protracted legal battle.

    Just when it seemed like the long-running feud between Apple and Epic Games founder Tim Sweeney was settled, new tensions have surfaced again. According to reports, Apple has conveyed to media outlets that the Epic Games Store approval is provisional and certain changes will need to be incorporated going forward. This includes modifications to buttons labeling for “installing” apps and “in-app purchases”, which Epic argues contravene standard practices across other platforms.

    Apple's rejection of the initial Epic Games Store versions citing similarity to its own App Store interface had led to a public spat. Epic counter argued that its marketplace employed universally followed conventions. It also alleged Apple's restrictive moves violated recent Digital Markets Act provisions aimed at curbing big tech's gatekeeping powers. As the dispute escalated, the European Commission too waded in asserting Apple broke antitrust laws by disallowing alternative payment options and app distribution on iOS.

    The present thaw comes after years of legal wars between the two giants sparked by Fortnite's expulsion from the App Store. While a US court ruled partly in favor of Apple, it also directed the company to permit outside payment systems. However, disagreements clearly persist on implementing the judgment in and spirit. With billions at stake, it seems the epic saga involving Apple and Epic Games may still have many more twists and turns ahead.

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