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    Life StyleThe truth about protein in baked potatoes - what the experts say

    The truth about protein in baked potatoes – what the experts say


    In recent times, social media has been abuzz with claims about various foods and their purported benefits. One such claim doing the rounds is that baked potatoes pack a powerful 8 grams of protein. Naturally, this piqued my interest as a health journalist. My job is to separate fact from fiction, so I decided to get to the bottom of this particular assertion.

    I spoke to trusted dietitian Rashi Tantia to gain her expert perspective. She informed me that while potatoes do contain a small amount of protein, the idea of one baked potato supplying 8 grams is unrealistic. Tantia said the average baked potato (173g) provides around 4 grams. Other factors like size and toppings can slightly alter this, but 8 grams would be exceptionally high.

    I also gained valuable context on how nutrients are impacted by cooking methods from Tantia. While boiling loses some through draining water, baking largely retains what potatoes offer since water isn't discarded. Overall, protein remains similar regardless of cook-up, but frying adds unneeded fat.

    Another specialist, Dr. Nandini Sarwate, reiterated that potatoes are first and foremost a starchy carb source. Though they provide modest protein, they're no match for legumes in this department. Both experts agreed balanced eating with various protein-rich foods is the route to fulfilling daily requirements.

    In the end, I hope this clarifies that baked potatoes, while nutrient-dense, should not be viewed as major protein superstars. Stick to 8 grams claims with a grain of salt. As always, variety is the key to a balanced and sustainable diet. Thank you for reading!

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