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BusinessThe surprising compatibility between Android USB-C cables and Apple iPhones revealed

The surprising compatibility between Android USB-C cables and Apple iPhones revealed


Being an Apple exclusive for years, the Lightning charging port on iPhones was replaced with the universal USB-C standard last year with the iPhone 15 series. This left users with questions around the compatibility of USB-C accessories from other brands, especially those designed for Android devices. A new study puts all compatibility rumors to rest.

Research firm TechInsights conducted extensive tests to analyze the charging performance and temperature profiles of iPhone 15 units when charged using USB-C cables and chargers from Samsung as well as Apple's own. Their remarkable findings show that Android USB-C cables and fast chargers deliver identical charge speeds and heat generation levels as that of Apple's solutions.

Through accurate comparisons of charging curves, current draws and heating patterns captured during tests, it was evident that iPhones had no issues identifying and drawing optimal power from third-party USB-C PD PPS compliant chargers and cables. Tests employing 45W Samsung chargers with matching cables matched the 30W peak charge rates delivered via Apple's solutions.

The only exception noted was with proprietary technologies like Oppo's SuperVOOC that charge at higher than standard rates, resulting in underpowered charging on iPhones built for lower wattage USB-C power delivery. However, for all regular fast charging solutions adhering to USB-C standard, iPhone compatibility is assured.

With USB-C fast becoming the unified port of choice for all manner of mainstream devices, this research provides much needed clarity on its widespread adoption and interchangeable implementation across device ecosystems. Users looking to leverage existing USB-C chargers for their new iPhones can do so without any concern for compromising speed or safety.

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