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EntertainmentThe inspiring rise of The Kattunayakkars tribal band and their revolutionary efforts...

The inspiring rise of The Kattunayakkars tribal band and their revolutionary efforts towards empowering the indigenous Jenu Kuruba community through music


“The Rise of The Kattunayakkars: How This Tribal Band is Paving a Path Towards Empowerment Through Music”

For decades, the indigenous Jenu Kuruba tribe residing in the forests of Western Ghats were denied their basic rights and cut off from opportunities for development. Stuck in a cycle of injustice, the community struggled to break free from the shackles of obscurity. 20 years ago, a group of young musicians from the tribe decided to use their musical talent to amplify their voices and fight for a better future. They came together to form a band called ‘The Kattunayakkars', drawing from the tribal folk music passed down through generations.

At first, the band sang songs of protest highlighting the harsh realities facing the Jenu Kurubas. Through their music, they condemned the brutal evictions from ancestral lands and the lack of access to resources on the relocation sites. Little did they know that this would mark the beginning of a new journey of empowerment. As the band traveled across performing at tribal festivals, their perspective expanded through interactions with other indigenous communities. They recognized the power of celebrating their rich cultural heritage through music.

This inspired the band to not only sing songs of resistance but also preserve the historical songs and folklore of their ancestors. Their refocused energies soon paid off. ‘The Kattunayakkars' saw their popularity grow beyond expected limits. Major collaborations with renowned musicians and opportunities in the Indian film industry followed. After decades of neglect, the Jenu Kurubas were finally receiving the recognition they deserved on mainstream platforms through the band's efforts.

Today, ‘The Kattunayakkars' have successfully leveraged their musical prowess to spark meaningful change. While challenges remain, they have reinvented their narrative and strengthened community pride. Their remarkable journey shows how marginalized groups can reclaim agency by celebrating their and traditional knowledge. As the band continues uplifting untold indigenous stories through soulful performances, they provide hope that an empowered future of equal opportunities may soon be within reach for the Jenu Kurubas and other native communities.

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