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Life StyleThe health risks women should consider before attempting to develop six-pack abdominal...

The health risks women should consider before attempting to develop six-pack abdominal muscles


The growing prevalence of perfectly sculpted bodies showcased on social media has led many women to desire six-pack abdominal muscles. However, achieving this goal comes with certain risks that are important to understand.

While developing core strength can offer benefits like improved posture and balance, maintaining the extremely low body fat needed for visible abdominal muscles is quite challenging for women. Their bodies are designed to have higher essential fat levels than men for hormonal and reproductive . Pushing beyond this can negatively impact periods and bone density.

Excessive exercise combined with insufficient calorie intake also places the body in an energy deficit state over time. This has been shown to disturb the hormonal system in female athletes and even decrease cognitive function. Such intense regimens are also more likely to result in overuse injuries.

Men and women experience different effects of strenuous training and restricted dieting too. Whereas men typically need around 3% body fat, women require approximately 12% which makes the task of achieving six-pack abs more difficult. In striving to do so, women are additionally at risk of nutritional deficiencies and escalating stress levels.

Rather than aiming for a certain body type through potentially harmful means, experts recommend focusing holistically on overall strength, mobility and cardiovascular health. Sustainable goals like consistent exercise provide comparable benefits without the associated health concerns. Improving core functionality and general well-being may offer a healthier alternative approach.

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