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    TechnologyTata Communications Leadership in Global Sports Broadcasting Augmented through Strategic World Athletics...

    Tata Communications Leadership in Global Sports Broadcasting Augmented through Strategic World Athletics Partnership


    Tata Communications Leads the Way in Global Broadcasting

    As the leader in delivering sports events internationally, Tata Communications is upgrading viewing experiences through strategic collaborations. According to Global Head of Media Services Dhaval Ponda, their recent five-year pact with Athletics aims to overhaul how track and field is consumed globally.

    Providing live coverage of around 80,000 yearly events positions Tata Communications at the forefront of the industry. This is reflected through tie-ups with prestigious organizers like Formula 1, MotoGP and the ongoing ICC . “Any sport conducted cross-nationally or watched worldwide, we are the prime facilitator,” Ponda assured.

    Through cutting-edge solutions, the company enhances broadcasts and deepens fan engagement. Superior video quality, immersion and customization are priorities to satisfy evolving viewership trends. Ponda stressed the importance of seamless delivery as audiences now demand high-standard, personalized experiences across devices.

    The World Athletics alliance looks to greater outreach through localized regional formats. “We'll help distribute more content from each event while upgrading production values,” Ponda detailed. A robust global network including media cloud and edge services deployed globally underpins these efforts. Continuous investment in emerging technologies too, augments capabilities.

    Consolidating requirements through a single contract streamlines operations. Ponda affirmed this unified approach efficiently serves partners' goals like expanded fandom worldwide. When asked about their edge over competitors, he highlighted the ability to substitute four specialized vendors through one integrated service.

    Optimistic about the sports market's future due to live sports popularity and rights market growth, Ponda expressed enthusiasm for driving impact through innovative collaborations. Positioned for transformation, Tata Communications is committed to redefining the global fan experience.

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