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    Study Reveals Startling Health Risks of Drinking Before Air Travel

    If you're planning to have drinks before boarding your next flight, it's crucial to be aware of some startling risks, according to a new study. Researchers have uncovered concerning side effects that alcohol can have on the body during air travel. Dehydration, fatigue and even long-term health issues may result from mixing alcohol and flying.

    The study looked at how alcohol is processed differently at cabin pressure altitudes compared to on the ground. It found that impairment can occur at lower drinking levels due to dehydration in the plane's dry air. Flying can also disrupt your circadian rhythm, leading to weaker coordination and judgement if alcohol is consumed.

    Some surprising longer term issues were also linked to in-flight drinking. Regular consumption before flights was associated with an elevated risk of blood clots in the legs or lungs. This is due to limited movement combined with alcohol-related dehydration and circulatory system impacts. High-altitude flights may also worsen this risk.

    With these serious potential consequences in mind, experts advise either avoiding alcohol or heavily moderating your intake before boarding. It's wise to stay well hydrated by drinking extra water and limiting caffeine which can dehydrate. Good rest before a flight will help you feel your best at high altitudes as well. In-flight snacks can also help offset effects of the low-humidity air.

    By making smart choices, you can help your body cope with the stresses of flying. Travelers would be well-served to consider their health and safety, and that of their fellow passengers, by adjusting their behavior accordingly. With a little extra care, everyone can have a smooth and enjoyable air travel experience.

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