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    How Your Daily Iced Coffee Habit Could Raise Your Risk of Developing Diabetes

    “Your Daily Iced Coffee Habit Could Raise Your Risk of Diabetes”

    Drinking iced coffee every day may seem like a healthy way to get your caffeine fix, but new shows that it could be setting you up for insulin resistance and possibly even type 2 diabetes down the line. While coffee contains antioxidants and can offer some benefits in moderation, regularly consuming iced coffee sweetened with sugar or sugary syrups poses risks that should not be ignored.

    Endocrinologists have found that the combination of cold temperature and added sugars causes our bodies to absorb the sugar much quicker than a warm beverage would. When we consume too much sugar at once, our pancreas has to work overtime to produce insulin to keep our blood sugar levels stable. Over time, this can lead to a state known as insulin resistance, where our cells don't respond as well to insulin. Ultimately, this paves the way for type 2 diabetes if not addressed.

    To stay healthy, experts recommend limiting added sugar intake and choosing unsweetened coffee or tea most of the time. An occasional iced coffee as a treat is unlikely to cause harm. But making it a daily habit, especially with syrups or milkshakes that pack in hidden sugars, is a recipe for metabolic problems down the road. Small changes like switching to black coffee or adding just a splash of milk can significantly reduce the sugar impact without sacrificing too much flavor. Your health is worth a small sacrifice to avoid serious risks like diabetes in the long run.

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