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    InternationalStudy finds first annual period tops 1.5°C threshold raising climate emergency alarms

    Study finds first annual period tops 1.5°C threshold raising climate emergency alarms


    According to a new study by the European Union's Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S), the global average temperature between August 2021-July 2022 exceeded 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels. This is the first time a 12-month period has breached this crucial threshold, confirming scientists' warnings that climate change is accelerating beyond our control.

    The study analyzed worldwidetemperature data and found that the last 12 months were approximately 1.15°C hotter than average temperatures between 1850-1900. This substantial rise is concerning as exceeding 1.5°C risks triggering severe consequences like more extreme , water stresses, and sea level rise. Climate scientists have long stated that staying below 1.5°C is vital to avoid the worst effects of climate change.

    C3S director Carlo Buontempo called the breaching of 1.5°C a “clear reminder of the relentless rise in temperatures due to greenhouse gas emissions.” With continued emissions, temperatures are expected to rise further still. The study warns that urgent emissions cuts are needed to preserve a livable climate. It reinforces findings that the impacts of climate change are no longer subtle and are occurring worldwide at an alarming speed.

    This new evidence highlights how crucial the next few years are for climate action. As greenhouse gases accumulate in the atmosphere, global temperatures will continue climbing unless serious emissions reductions take place. The study leaves no doubt that humanity must adopt more ambitious climate policies and transition rapidly to renewable energy sources to avoid exceeding the Paris Agreement's goal of limiting warming to 1.5°C. The impacts are here and the need to act has never been greater.

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