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    EditorialStop Infiltration!

    Stop Infiltration!


    The DGP of J&K, R R Swain's statement that adversaries across the border are using foreign mercenaries to create fear in J&K shows, if the infiltration is stopped somehow, the problem will be eliminated once and for all. It is thus imperative to work on plugging the gaps along the entire borderline to ensure that no one from across the border could enter Indian territory as ensuring this will itself put a full stop on the terrorism as already the proactive measures taken by the government have contained the menace of locals joining terrorist outfits or indulging in terror activities.

    The need of the time is that a comprehensive strategy should be made in such a manner that every attempt by the foreigner ultras to enter the country through breaches along the border are thwarted with 100 percent accuracy rate. By achieving this success, the issue of terrorism will be solved to a large extent as presently the local population is cooperating with the government as never before as was also claimed by the DGP JKP. As it is clear that the adversary across the border is using foreign mercenaries to create a fear psychosis among the people to sustain terrorism in and , containing the terrorism therefore requires end of infiltration.

    All said and done, it is need of the hour to fortify the borders with a robust security grid leaving no room for any kind of gaps or excuses as this has to be done to end the violence and destruction in the Union Territory. No one could deny the fact that police along with other security agencies are committed and determined to eliminate terrorism in the Union Territory but for this people's cooperation especially those living near borders is also vital as they act as the first line of .

    As Pakistan is supporting illegal entry of foreign ultras into the Indian side, the need of the time is to monitor the situation minutely and ensure that the malicious neighbour of the country could do no harm to because that country's credentials are dubious and highly unreliable.


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