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    EditorialStop Depletion Of Green Gold!

    Stop Depletion Of Green Gold!


    Not much time has passed since the erstwhile state of J&K was renowned for its greenery and vast stretches of forest covers but unfortunately the scenario today is abysmal with the region (now a UT) witnessing an alarming depletion of its green gold. This loss of forest cover, attributed to various factors including illegal logging, encroachment, forest fires, and developmental activities, poses a significant threat to the region's ecological balance and biodiversity.

    It is imperative that the government implements a robust policy framework to ensure accountability among concerned officers and ministers (after the formation of popular government) for any loss of green cover. It should be made mandatory that officials must submit comprehensive reports on the restoration of forest areas during their tenures, thereby promoting transparency and active participation in conservation efforts.

    Forests in and play a crucial role in maintaining ecological equilibrium, supporting wildlife habitats, regulating climate, and providing livelihood to local communities. However, the region has been facing significant challenges in preserving its green cover. Rampant deforestation, coupled with inadequate enforcement of existing regulations, has led to a steady decline in forested areas. The consequences are far-reaching, affecting not only the but also the socio-economic well-being of the region.

    To address this pressing issue, it is essential to establish a system of accountability for government officials responsible for forest conservation. Such a policy would ensure that those in positions of authority are directly answerable for any loss of forest cover under their jurisdiction. This accountability should extend to both Forest Department officers and relevant ministers, if any, ensuring that conservation efforts are not merely theoretical but actively pursued and monitored.

    The loss of green cover in Jammu and Kashmir is a critical issue that demands immediate and decisive action. Implementing a policy framework that ensures accountability among government officials for the preservation and restoration of forest areas is a vital step in this direction.

    By mandating transparent reporting, performance-based assessments, and legal reforms, the government can foster a of responsibility and commitment to conservation.


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