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InternationalSpread the cheer - Everything you need to know about International Happiness...

Spread the cheer – Everything you need to know about International Happiness Day 2024


Day of Happiness is just around the corner, and it's the perfect time to spread some cheer. Observed annually on March 20, this special UN-designated day recognizes the importance of happiness in our lives. But do you know the history and significance behind it? Here's a refresher on everything about this smile-worthy occasion.

The Origins of International Happiness Day

The International Day of Happiness has its roots in the 2012 UN resolution that proclaimed March 20 as a day to celebrate joy worldwide. Since 2012, countries have marked the day with various happiness-promoting activities and events. Some hold parades, others organize community gatherings, all with the goal of prioritizing well-being.

Five Interesting Facts About This Upbeat Day

  1. The date – March 20, 2024 will see the next celebration of this day. Make a note in your calendar!
  2. The founder – The United Nations is behind this global day, recognizing happiness as a fundamental human pursuit.
  3. The message – It underscores how sustainable development and eradicating poverty leads to greater life satisfaction for all.
  4. The activities – Past events included meditation sessions, nature walks, singing, and more mood-boosting activities.
  5. The significance – It reminds us to make positivity and joy a priority every day, not just one designated date. Our happiness is invaluable.

So whether you're hosting an event or simply reflect on what gives you joy, take some time on March 20 to spread the happiness. A little smile can go a long way.

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