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    Life StyleSonakshi Sinha warns fans about three worrying personality traits to watch out...

    Sonakshi Sinha warns fans about three worrying personality traits to watch out for in men


    ‘Beware of these signs', says Sonakshi Sinha as she lists 3 red flags in men

    actress Sonakshi Sinha recently offered useful dating advice by revealing three personality traits in men that should raise red flags. While speaking on a podcast, the Rowdy Rathore star candidly discussed signs that could potentially lead to toxic relationships if not addressed properly.

    According to Sinha, arrogance, an inability to listen, and an overinflated ego are three concerning behaviors that one must look out for in prospective partners. She emphasized taking note of a person's demeanour and communication style to identify these red flags early on.

    Renowned psychiatrist Dr. Sonal Anand of Wockhardt Hospitals backed Sinha's warnings, clarifying that negative characteristics often manifest subtly at first. She cautioned against dismissing problematic conduct, as issues tend to intensify with time if left unresolved.

    Dr. Anand defined red flags as problematic behavior patterns detrimental to one's mental well-being and the relationship's in the long run. She advised seeking help immediately if such signs surface instead of tolerating an unsafe or disrespectful situation.

    When asked to elaborate on how to spot the three flags, Dr. Anand suggested carefully observing a partner's actions, particularly during disagreements. Controlling tendencies, disrespect towards one's choices, isolating them from family and invasive behaviors were cited as other clear red flags that should not be taken lightly.

    The expert stressed the importance of open communication, trust and equal treatment in healthy bonds. One must feel comfortable expressing themselves without judgment or repercussions from their significant other. With timely intervention, meaningful changes can help address underlying issues before severe damage occurs.

    Coupling Sinha's comments with expert opinion, it is evident that maintaining healthy awareness of red flags early on can prevent future toxicity. Minor signs often belie major incompatibilities if ignored for long. Prioritizing one's wellbeing by walking away may therefore be the wise choice at times.

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