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    How far you need to walk to burn off calories from 2 gulab jamuns


    Want to burn off those extra gulab jamun calories? Here's how far you'll need to walk

    Indulging in desserts is a sweet treat we all enjoy from time to time. However, many believe that a quick walk is all it takes to work off the extra calories. But just how far do you really need to walk to burn off the calories from those two gulab jamuns?

    According to experts, it's not as easy as one may think. Dr. Sudhir Kumar, a neurologist at Apollo Hospitals, estimates it would take walking for a full extra hour to burn the approximately 300 calories contained in two gulab jamuns.

    So is an hour-long walk really necessary? Nutritionist Dr. Rohini Patil weighed in, noting many factors influence calorie burning such as body size, metabolism and overall activity levels. However, she confirms a 30-60 minute rigorous morning walk could help significantly.

    For context, one gulab jamun contains around 150-200 calories. So two would equal 300-400 calories. A leisurely 30-minute walk burns 120-180 calories on average, while an energetic one may burn 200-300 calories.

    To offset two gulab jamuns, Dr. Patil recommends aiming for at least a 30-60 minute brisk morning walk. However, she stresses exercise should supplement a healthy diet rather than excuse constant indulgence. Beyond walking, including strength training or yoga can further boost and fitness.

    While an occasional sweet is okay, daily overeating is not advisable. Experts emphasize maintaining moderation and focusing on nutritious whole foods for long-term well-being. A walk after dessert offers more benefits too, such as reduced stress and increased energy levels throughout the day.

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