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    Should You Mix Hot and Cold Water? Ayurveda Experts Say No For Digestion

    Should You Mix Hot and Cold Water? Experts Say No For Your Digestive

    Many of us enjoy mixing hot and cold water to achieve a comfortable drinking temperature. However, doing so may not be the best choice according to Ayurvedic experts. Drinking water at inconsistent temperatures could impact digestion.

    Isha Hatha Yoga teacher Shlloka Joshii explains that cold water is heavy to digest while hot water is light. When combined, they can cause indigestion and weaken the digestive process. Hot water helps cleanse impurities but cold water may contain bacteria – mixing nullifies these benefits.

    Hot water also works to balance pitta and kapha doshas in the body, while cold increases both. By mixing the two opposites, it disrupts the balance of doshas and produces ama or toxins in the digestive tract. This hinders nutrient absorption and causes issues like bloating.

    The opposing natures of hot and cold water when combined can confuse the digestive system used to uniform temperatures. This results in suboptimal digestion and reduced nutrient intake. Boiling also imbues water with healing properties but these are diminished on mixing with cold water.

    For a healthier alternative, Joshii suggests drinking from earthen pots. The porous clay regulates water temperature at a consistent moderate level aligned with Ayurveda. The gentle evaporation keeps water cool without dipping too low and avoiding dosha imbalances.

    In the end, for optimal digestive health, experts advise against mixing hot and cold water and maintaining water intake at an even temperature. Drinking from earthen pots provides a natural solutionfor comfort while upholding ayurvedic principles.

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