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    TechnologyScientists Unearth Record-Setting 160 Billion DNA Pair Genome in Inconspicuous Fern

    Scientists Unearth Record-Setting 160 Billion DNA Pair Genome in Inconspicuous Fern


    “Groundbreaking Discovery Reveals Fern's Massive Genetic Blueprint”

    Scientists have uncovered a remarkable finding – the largest known plant genome resides in an inconspicuous fern that grows in the forests of New Caledonia. A team of researchers, led by botanist Jaume Pellicer of the University of Barcelona, made the discovery while exploring the plant diversity on the island nation located near Australia.

    Among the various fern species collected during the expedition was an unassuming plant called Tmesipteris oblanceolata. Though only a few inches tall and easy to overlook on the forest floor, laboratory analysis revealed it harbors an enormous amount of genetic material – over 160 billion DNA building blocks were detected within its cells. This dwarfs the human genome, which contains around 3 billion DNA pairs.

    The massive genomesize was completely unexpected for such a small and seemingly ordinary fern. Since the discovery of DNA's role in heredity, scientists had presumed larger, more complex organisms would have bigger genetic codes to support their increased needs. However, examples like this fern illustrate genomes can vary wildly between species. While the proliferation of so much DNA remains mysterious, the findings provide fascinating insight into the diversity of genetic strategies found across the plant kingdom.

    Further aims to unravel how uncommon genomic giants like this fern manage to thrive despite the energetic demands of replicating and passing on so much DNA between generations. With more discoveries sure to emerge from botanical hotspots like New Caledonia, scientists' understanding of genome evolution is poised to advance in new and unexpected ways.

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