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    Life StyleSafer Alternatives to Toothpicks for Oral Care

    Safer Alternatives to Toothpicks for Oral Care


    Despite being a common household item, regular use of toothpicks can pose several risks to oral that many people may not be aware of. Dentists warn against excessive toothpick usage and recommend safer substitutes.

    Toothpicks are very sharp and hard, leading experts like Dr. Niyati Arora from Krown Hub Dental Clinic in Delhi to caution against their aggressive use. Forcefully poking between teeth risks causing cuts, punctures or fractures in delicate gum tissues. Repeated accidental injuries can lower gumlines over time and make food particles more likely to get lodged in. Open wounds also increase vulnerability to infections from bacteria entering through these entry points.

    Dr. Sara Alhammadi, a dentist from Dubai, highlights the issues with toothpicks in an Instagram post as well. She stresses they should not be considered safe, especially wooden types. Continual picking with toothpicks risks damaging enamel and possibly snapping off in gums, triggering inflammation and bleeding. Reusing toothpicks on multiple occasions raises the possibility of transmitting oral microbes from one area inside the mouth to another. Even careful usage can irritate soft mouth surfaces like the roof of the mouth, tongue and insides of cheeks.

    For people with existing gum conditions like gingivitis or periodontitis, inserting toothpicks is strictly prohibited as it could exacerbate the problems. Dr. Arora presents flossing and small interdental brushes as better substitutes to dislodge stuck bits between teeth. Dental floss is available in threaded or water flosser variations, with the latter utilizing a pulsating water stream more gently. Interdental brushes resemble miniature bottle brushes with crisscrossing bristles sized to fit different widths between teeth. Regular brushing, mouthwashes and professional cleaning also achieve good oral hygiene without risks of harm like toothpicks can.

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