“Api Swaran mayi Lanka

Na Mei Lakshman Rochte,

Janani Janam Bhoomisch

Swargadapi Griyasi.”

These sacred, motivational and soul-stirring words were spoken by Shri Ram to younger brother Lakshman when he had expressed his view point to stay back in Lanka after their convincing victory over the mighty empire of invincible Ravana. Shri Ram had politely but firmly said that “Janam Bhoomi Ayodhya is my mother and more than a heaven for me, therefore, I do not feel enamoured of Golden Lanka”.

Shree Ram's chequered journey of life presents a model code of conduct, ethics and morality for the entire human society for living a meaningful and blissful life.


Brief History of Babri Masjid to Ram Temple


Shri Ram is seventh incarnation of Hindu deity Vishnu. According to Ramayana, his Birth place is Ayodhya. As per the historical and archaeological evidence there existed a grand Ram temple prior to its demolition by Mir Baqi, Military commander of Mughal emperor Babur in the year 1528. In 1853 first communal clash happened over this sensitive issue and consequently British Administration allowed Muslims to worship inside the structure and Hindus were asked to perform pooja on the platform outside in the year 1859.

Mahant Raghuvar Dass in 1885 filed a plea in court for construction on the platform which was rejected. Thereafter an idol of Lord Ram was found here on December 23, 1949, said to have been surreptitiously placed by Hindu Mahasabha which triggered riots between Hindus and Muslims. As sequel to these riots, the government clamped restrictions across the entire area. In 1950, Mahant Raghuvar Dass filed a case to revoke the ban on worship. Thereafter in 1959 Nirmohi Akhara filed a case for restoration of entire area to Hindus for pooja and prayers.

As a reaction to this, Sunni Waqf Board also staked their claim on the land. Accordingly, the government locked the building and the ‘dispute for access' continued between Hindus and Muslims.

Subsequently Bhartiya Janta Party under the Leadership of its President Lal Krishan Advani also decided to undertake Rath Yatra which commenced on 25 th Sept.,1990, from Somnath, Gujrat, and passing through the State of Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, concluded in Ayodhya on 30.10.1990. Ram Rath Yatra had a smooth passage witnessing tremendous enthusiasm and energy amongst the general masses till it arrived in Bihar wherein, the then Chief Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav obstructed the ongoing Yatra by arresting LK Advani and his cohorts. This was the turning point giving impetus to Ram Temple Movement. Further as sequel to the change of power at the centre in 2014, coupled with painstaking ground work of RSS and Vishav Hindu Parishad generating massive good will and congenial atmosphere for building a grand Ram Temple at Ayodhya, Changed mood of the elite society as well as unbeatable pleadings of advocates from Temple side and the conclusive archaeological evidence on record plus the Supreme Court referred mediation by former Supreme Court Judge Ibrahim Kalifulla, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and Sriram Panchu, Sr. Advocate and mediator, positively prompted the Apex court to deliver their final verdict paving the way for construction of Ram Temple.

Ultimately the welcome Judgement was delivered on December 9, 2019 and Shilanayas happened on 5.8.2020.

Need for Imbibing the Divine Vibes, Virtues, Ideals and Principles of Ram Rajya

At the moment when the date of Pran Pratishtha 22.01.2024 is drawing near, we observe that a kind of divine current bubbling with mesmerising delight is circulating through the length and breadth of the country. Brushing aside few discordant voices arising from political bent of mind, the major chunk of population is fully engrossed in the heavenly ambrosia. It appears as if we are poised well on the stepping stone to Ram Rajya. The Ram Temple is now a reality and the well thought out mass movement has successfully mobilized and brought the countrymen together for this noble cause.

This is a good augury for the times ahead. We have to ensure that religious disputes do not recur. At this point of time it is deemed relevant to quote Chief of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, Param Poojniya Dr. Mohan Bhagwat ji whose public statements are far more statesman like: “There was historic background to the RSS being involved in Ayodhya, but otherwise its work was man making and not being involved in agitations (responding to a question on Gyanvapi and Mathura); one cannot be looking for a Shivling in every mosque”.

This must be treated as beacon light for future course of action aimed at holistic harmony and progress. Better, now turn focus on Ram Rajya to make it a reality. In the opinion of the well versed research scholars and the devotees:

“RAM RAJYA is said to be the type of ruling in which all citizens are happy and enabled to feed themselves. There is no terrorism, no theft, no communal riots, no citizen ever sleeps hungry. The ruler is wise, honest and able to protect its masses from the foreign invasions. He is selfless and hardworking. Lord RAM possessed these qualities and all such policies practically used by him are termed as Ram Rajya.”

Further it will be befitting to say a last word on Lord Ram, who is the central figure in the whole scheme of things at this critical juncture. It is felt that not having his designated temple all these years has made no difference to his centrality in the hearts of devotees and his position as Maryada Purushottam, the ideal man. But Ram is more than that – he is ideal ruler who ensures justice, protection, welfare and making righteousness, the creed of his rule.

At the moment country is moving in the right direction under dynamic leadership of the current times. This momentous achievement of Ram temple in Ayodhya would certainly prove to be a stepping stone for ‘Ram Rajya'.

The spiritual message and learning from Bhagwan Ram's life story is that ‘Building a temple and installing a statue, creating an airport and the like is of far less worth than following the dharma of Ram Rajya. Then only, Lord Ram will smile.' Jai Shree Ram





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