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    InternationalPresident Trump phones mother of unsolved 2012 murder case ahead of televised...

    President Trump phones mother of unsolved 2012 murder case ahead of televised debate


    “President reaches out to grieving mother ahead of debate”

    In an emotional pre-debate phone call, the President took time to speak with Jocelyn Nungaray’s mother about her tragic loss. 12-year-old Jocelyn was brutally murdered at a playground in 2011, and the case remains unsolved. Ahead of Wednesday’s debate, Donald Trump called the grieving mother for over ten minutes to express his sympathies.

    The mother shared how much the thoughtful gesture meant during such a difficult time. “We spoke about Jocelyn and trying to find justice. He said the FBI is looking into cold cases and hope they can solve this.” According to reports, Trump assured her that authorities are doing all they can to catch the perpetrator and bring closure to the family.

    While campaigning is in full swing, the President took a moment out of his busy schedule to console a mother still seeking answers in her daughter’s case. These personal interactions highlight Trump’s efforts to address victims’ issues even during peak political season. Getting directly involved shows his commitment to helping families find resolution, especially for vulnerable members of the community.

    The mother received the unexpected call with gratitude. With an unsolved case still open after so many years, any update provides reassurance that Jocelyn has not been forgotten. As investigations into cold cases continue across the country, perhaps this conversation will help one family finally get the answers they deserve.

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