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    BusinessPM Modi elicits expert inputs ahead of pivotal Budget announcement

    PM Modi elicits expert inputs ahead of pivotal Budget announcement


    With the highly anticipated Union for fiscal year 2024-25 around the corner, Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently held discussions with leading economists and experts. The meeting, which also included Minister Nirmala Sitharaman and top officials, aimed to gather valuable insights ahead of the budget presentation scheduled for later this month.

    Insider sources revealed that the attendees focused on analyzing 's economic trajectory and identifying policy priorities. Panelists included prominent advisors like the Chief Economic Advisor and veteran professionals from diverse industries. Their views on accelerating growth while balancing other objectives were heard with keen interest.

    It is understood that participants commended recent reforms and highlighted opportunities for expanding opportunities. They also assessed global headwinds and their potential domestic fallouts. The budget is set to lay the groundwork for achieving ambitious developmental targets, including transitioning to developed nation status by 2047 as envisioned by the leadership.

    The Prime Minister has consistently engaged stakeholders from the preliminary budget deliberations phase itself. This ensures all perspectives are incorporated to maximize the document's effectiveness. Previous meetings with private sector representatives underscored the importance of synergistic public-private cooperation.

    With only a short time remaining, policymakers now analyze recommendations as they finalize budget blueprints. Continuing dialog will optimize solutions in the upcoming financial plan. Citizens look forward to how their aspirations are addressed amid today's dynamic realities.

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