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    Plug in the missing links!


    The four acts of terrorism across the region in the last four days are a wakeup call for all those manning the security edifice in the Union Territory of Jammu and . The reprehensible actions by the terror mongers have raised many questions about the security situation in the region. Places near the border, the hinterland, and remote mountainous regions far away from the borderline are all under the stress of terrorism. One after another, terror attacks have stunned everyone in the Union Territory, including the internal security leaders that were previously boasting about successfully tackling terrorism in the recent past.

    The last four days have badly exposed the high claims of people in right wing as deaths of common man, devotees and security personnel in these attacks have proven beyond any doubt that much more has to be accomplished to get rid of the scourge of terrorism. The narratives broadcast till date with regard to elimination of terrorism seems to be marred with incomplete information. There is no doubt, the fact that by patting such things, the morale of the security personnel doing extraordinary jobs is kept high but it is also necessary that the people on job to tackle terrorism should know the criticality of the situation so that such terror activities should not come as rude shocks and surprises.

    It is a fact that the top cop in has warned of active terror launch pads across the border with terrorists waiting for their turn to cross over but what is the fun of getting this vital information when there is no further plan to counter this threat. What is surprising is how these terrorists successfully sneaked into this side of LoC/Border despite such high alerts and vigil on the fence. The Union Government should plan some stringent action against the enemies of peace flourishing across the border. The menace need to be ended or else infiltrators would continue with the ‘blood bath' of innocents in the UT of J&K, which now marks the limits of tolerance any more.

    There is no difference in the situation of today and the time when the Balakot was executed except the number of deaths caused due to terror strikes, therefore going for some drastic response is the need of time as otherwise the rogue country will not stop its deceitful acts to deteriorate the situation and emerging peace in J&K.

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