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IndiaPakistan is not afraid to lose Balochistan but is afraid to lose...

Pakistan is not afraid to lose Balochistan but is afraid to lose Pakistan!


Pakistan is not afraid to lose Balochistan but is afraid to lose Pakistan!

By Chetan Rattan

This has been the mindset in Pakistan since independence and that has let its leaders to conduct many experiments to prevent this from happening.

To start with :

  1. It declared URDU as official language despite being aware that less than 5% of its population speak URDU.

But to prevent creation of linguistic Hegemony and to treat all as equal what is best way than not to recognise any or all indigenous language as language but declare a language which is not native, not spoken by competitive minority or majority.

  1. Next it approved OBJECTIVE RESOLUTION over its constitution declaring ” Allah to be Sovereign , and governments to rule as per tenets of Islam”. Thereby declaring itself to be first ISLAMIC STATE .

This was a measure to confirm unity of an artificial nation on the basis of relegion.

  1. Then Abolished all the existing states and declared ” Ek Juban Ek Nizam” and declared 2 clear entities West and East Pakistan thereby trying to brush aside regional or ethnic aspirations.
  2. Abolished teaching of mother tongue in states and imposed two language Urdu and English as medium of instruction.
  3. Only in Sindh Sindhi is taught in primary schools after constitutional amendment in 1973, but Punjabi, Pushto , Balochi, and languages of POJK, Gilgit, Baltistan are not taught in schools in these areas.
  4. In 1965 Pakistan is said to have grown at rate of 10% based on exports of Jute and Rice. The earnings were spent in West Pakistan to build up its military strength.
  5. In 1970 elections Sheikh Mujibur Rehman was not allowed to form government despite getting majority in National Assembly.
  6. In March 1971 , Pakistan army officials declared that the colour( genetics) of east Pakistan will be changed with one generation matching up to west Pakistan.
  7. In 1971 intervened and East Pakistan became Bangladesh.
  8. A new constitution was promulgated with a big anomaly that State of was given so many seats that if a political party can win all seats in the state it wins Majority in parliament.
  9. By creating this discrimination Pakistan establishment reduced the chance of any other ethnicity to get majority similar to 1970 and killed regional aspirations permanently.
  10. Exploitation of Balochistan in ways worse than in East Pakistan was taken up, the state was deprived of infrastructure, the natural resources were exploited and used in other parts particularly Punjab. Today the difference between Punjab and Balochistan is 100 to 1.

The Makrani- Baloch-Pakhtoon Sardars have been played against each other to such an extent that polity is divided into 3 and no single ethnic majority can ever raise its voice.

  1. The Pakhtoons have been embroiled in war in Afghanistan and their tribal aspirations have been so exploited that they do not think above their tribal affiliations and do not have a singular and loud voice.
  2. MQM was created and projected over ethnic Sindhis in Sindh. Today in major cities of Sindh like Karachi and Hyderabad ethnic Sindhis are in minority, strife between Mohahirs and Sindhis were encouraged , and MQM was encouraged and elections were rigged in its favor so that nearly 40% of seats in parliament from Sindh are MQM seats.
  3. Ethnic Sindhis can never win all the seats to assert itself.
  4. As a result today Punjab controls Pakistan and state in its wish to protect Pakistan has lost its founding fathers, today the ruling establishment in Pakistan is inheritor of UNIONIST party legacy whose contribution to creation of Pakistan is Even less than ZERO.
  5. Today there is no Pakistan but it is a colony of Punjab and Punjabistan is right word to describe today's Pakistan.
  6. To protect this artificial Union the state encourages army to wield more power than it deserves, it's inefficiency and massive losses in all the wars with India are covered up, it is only democracy across the globe where independent media and civil society invites armed forces every Quarter to take over governance, the military establishment interferes openly in foreign, and internal security affairs and gets its people positioned at control of these ministries.

I think I have given enough reasons on how Pakistan is not afraid of losing Balochistan but is afraid of losing Pakistan.

(Author is an apolitical person who likes to have an independent opinion on many things)

The Northlines is an independent source on the Web for news, facts and figures relating to Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh and its neighbourhood.


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