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TechnologyOpenAI gives free ChatGPT users access to vision, memory and custom AI...

OpenAI gives free ChatGPT users access to vision, memory and custom AI models


AI Assistant gains Ability to Analyze Data & Images for All Users

In a significant development, OpenAI has expanded the capabilities of its popular AI assistant ChatGPT by giving free users access to key features powered by its latest GPT-4o model. This will allow more people to leverage the conversational abilities of the AI for everyday tasks in a comprehensive manner.

ChatGPT, which has gained popularity amongst users for its human-like conversations, can now analyze charts, graphs and images shared by users to understand and respond regarding the visualized data. It can also remember facts, details and previous discussions to continue conversations in a coherent thread.

Previously, these functionalities of data analysis, visual recognition and memory were only available to paid subscribers of the AI tool. However, OpenAI has now enabled them for all free users as well by incorporating its GPT-4o model. This signifies a major step in democratizing access to sophisticated AI abilities.

GPT-4o, the latest AI model from OpenAI, brings additional enhancements like faster speed, multilingual support and reduced latency during voice interactions. It also enhances existing text, image and audio processing skills of ChatGPT.

While the free usage has now been expanded, OpenAI notes that premium subscribers will continue enjoying higher capacity limits. Once free limits are reached, the AI assistant will seamlessly switch back to an earlier model to sustain conversations freely available to all.

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