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    TechnologyOpenAI CTO discusses how AI tools could impact certain creative jobs

    OpenAI CTO discusses how AI tools could impact certain creative jobs


    Ever since the rise of conversational AI platforms like ChatGPT that can handle various tasks, there has been much debate around how this emerging may influence different job positions. OpenAI's Chief Technology Officer Mira Murati recently weighed in on this discussion regarding creative industries.

    While acknowledging AI's potential to displace certain roles, Murati questioned if some truly added value. She did not specify the types of creative work that may be affected but likely referred to roles made redundant by automation. Her comments came as creators in fields like expressed concerns over AI incorporation.

    Evidence of impact is already visible on freelancing websites witnessing a drop in posted jobs since the introduction of capable AI assistants. However, Murati believes these tools can foster innovation when utilized for , healthcare, climate solutions and more. She sees tremendous promise in personalized tutoring and other beneficial applications that become globally accessible.

    Overall, Murati said much coordination is still needed from all stakeholders to ensure advanced AI's implementation leads to positive societal outcomes. With prudent guidance, these technologies could augment rather than replace human capabilities according to the CTO. By understanding what is possible through open discussion, AI may help expand human potential in novel ways.

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