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    InternationalNASA Finds No Imminent Asteroid Threats but Warns More Remain Undetected

    NASA Finds No Imminent Asteroid Threats but Warns More Remain Undetected


    NASA's Asteroid Threat Update Brings Reassurance and Caution

    In its latest statement on the risks posed by asteroids to Earth, NASA offered reassurance while also cautioning that the dangers are not entirely gone. The space agency analyzed potential threats from near-Earth objects and determined that no large asteroids have been identified that could cause significant damage upon impact. However, NASA notes that not all sizeable asteroids may have been detected yet and if an impact did occur, the consequences could still be disastrous without proper precautions.

    While modern asteroid detection efforts have expanded greatly, only an estimated 40% of near-Earth asteroids larger than 140 meters in diameter have been found so far. Those sized objects can damage an area even on impact. Paul Chodas, director of NASA's Center for Near-Earth Object Studies, said that ground- and space-based surveys are continuing to find new asteroids but that it is possible more threats are lurking unseen. He stressed that it is important for NASA and other space agencies worldwide to enhance detection and tracking capabilities to build a more complete picture and prepare for any potential surprises from the cosmos.

    If an asteroid over 140 meters were confirmed on an Earth collision course, it could cause regional damage from its impact. Larger asteroids could have globally catastrophic effects and even threaten civilization itself depending on where they struck. For this reason, NASA remains dedicated to being vigilant and coordinating efforts to safeguard humanity from the serious but rare natural danger of asteroid strikes. While the agency is reassured so far, the greatest protection comes from ongoing work to pinpoint threats before they may arrive without warning from the depths of space.

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