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TechnologyMicrosoft brings powerful AI capabilities to Windows laptops and desktops with new...

Microsoft brings powerful AI capabilities to Windows laptops and desktops with new Copilot+ PCs


Microsoft bets on AI powered PCs to take on Apple

In a major push to boost personal computing devices, Microsoft has launched a new generation of Windows laptops and desktops that come equipped with powerful on-device artificial intelligence. Dubbed ‘Copilot+ PCs', these machines are powered by Microsoft's GPT-4o AI assistant and are touted to be significantly faster and more efficient for running AI workloads compared to traditional computers.

By incorporating specialized neuromorphic processors called neural processing units (NPUs) optimized for running AI applications locally, Copilot+ PCs allow popular tools like Microsoft Copilot to be used directly on devices without an internet connection. This helps address privacy and latency issues associated with cloud-based AI services.

Major tech firms like Intel, AMD and Qualcomm have joined forces with Microsoft to embed their latest silicon within the new AI PCs. Early partner laptop and desktop makers include Dell, HP and Samsung. Microsoft claims the Copilot+ machines can outperform Apple's laptops in sustained performance while providing all-day battery life.

This renewed focus on empowering personal devices with AI comes at a time when demand for new laptops and desktops is slowing down after seeing strong growth during the pandemic. Having AI capabilities built-in gives consumers a compelling reason to upgrade existing PCs. It also marks Microsoft's effort to narrow the performance gap with Apple, whose M1 chips have delivered industry-leading efficiency.

Key abilities unlocked by the on-device AI include powerful search of a user's digital history using Microsoft's ‘Recall' tool and new ways to generate and refine images locally in real-time. Only time will tell if the Copilot+ PCs can help Microsoft wrest back market share in personal computing that it has lost to Apple in recent times. But with this strategic push for localized AI, an intriguing new chapter in the PC platform wars seems to have begun.

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