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    Life StyleMaximise Nutrient Absorption and Digestion With These Tiny Superfood Seeds

    Maximise Nutrient Absorption and Digestion With These Tiny Superfood Seeds


    Starting your morning the right way just got even better with chia seeds. These tiny nutritional powerhouses are packed with antioxidants, protein, fibre and omega-3 fatty acids – and experts say consuming them first thing can supercharge your .

    specialist Alok Singh notes chia seeds are highly absorbent, swelling when mixed with liquids and filling you up fast. “This slows the release of sugar into your bloodstream, keeping energy levels steady all morning long,” he explains.

    Best of all, eaten solo in the morning, your body can readily soak up maximum nutrients from these seeds. “With no other foods competing, chia seeds offer a clear route straight to your cells,” says Singh. This maximises absorption of important minerals, vitamins and anti-inflammatory compounds.

    Digestion also gets a boost from early seeding. The fibre in chia speeds things along smoothly without sluggishness. Singh adds this keeps you “feeling satisfied for longer,” preventing mid-morning hunger pains or cravings.

    While generally very well tolerated, chia may cause occasional bloating for some. Singh advises starting with just one tablespoon and drinking plenty of water to avoid any tummy troubles. Those with existing digestive issues should also check with their doctor first.

    Overall, simple acts like sprinkling chia on oatmeal or into yogurt can pay big dividends for wellness and vitality. So make the most of these tiny nutritional powerhouses and start your day the right way – with chia seeds.

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