Living according to Dharma would have God’s protection

The Congress presidential elections process has been turning bizarre
The Congress presidential elections process has been turning bizarre

By C M Sharma


Time is a continuous variable. There is no discontinuity in it. It is like Atma – the indestructible – neither pierced by weapons, nor burnt by fire, neither withered by air, nor moistened by water. One can’t imagine its creation or the end. The Creator, through relative positioning of infinite objects like the stars, the planets and the moons – in horizontal, vertical, diagonal and every kind of Imaginable spread of Time – has created days and nights, weeks and months, years and ages which are experienced by His lesser creations called the living beings, the most superior of whom, we believe, is  the human being.


All living and non living beings, due to their mutual relationship, remain in a state of continuing love and hate, friction and lubrication, wear and tear, breakdown and synthesis, transformation and evolution – and so on. Thus, various kinds of actions inducing equal and opposite reactions, to what we call as the Karma and Karma-phal, keep on happening with and/or without the knowledge of the particularly concerned individual


– living or non-living.


Individuals with similar properties and characteristics acquire a specific name and develop a tendency to form a group. The group – a monolith or even diversified – that is more powerful and capable of pushing aside the weaker ones, acquires gravity and becomes the government. By virtue of this inherited and acquired gravity, the government attracts more and more individuals and groups we may call entities. The strength and gravity to govern comes through adherence to the principles of Dharma of respective domains. Each individual and group of living and non-living entity has its own Dharma.e.g. The dharma of fire is to burn and the dharma of a bird is to fly. Lord Krishna says to Arjuna in Bhagavadgita “ Swadharmo shreyodhayakam, paradharmo Bhayavaham”.


The literal translation of this line is “Even though not done perfectly, it’s better to follow your own Dharma, than following other’s dharma. Since other Dharma is unsafe to follow.” The underlying meaning to this sentence is ::


1. Do your Dharma / duties / responsibilities.

Never get carried away by others and perform Adharma things.


2. When you live according to Dharma, you would have God’s protection.


Amongst the group or class of human beings however, the main characteristics of Dharma may be understood from the following explanations by Satyam:


“The yogis say that human dharma is based on expansion (vistara), flow of mind (rasa), and service (seva). Vistara means expanding our psychic boundaries to include one and all; rasa means keeping steadiness of mind; and seva means caring for and serving others.


A way of describing human dharma lies in the 10 characteristics of dharma that are 1. Dhrti (patience), 2. Kshama (forgiveness), 3. Dhama (self-control), 4. Asteya (non-stealing), 5. Shaocha (cleanliness), 6. Indriyanigraha (control over organs), 7. Dhii (benevolent intellect), 8. Vidya’ (spiritual knowledge), 9. Satyam (benevolent truthfulness) and 10. Akrodha (non-anger)


Certainly, each of the above points is a discussion unto itself. As we all have a general understanding of what these points are, suffice to say here that the more we adhere to these tenets, the greater we are following our manava dharma, or human dharma.”


At the same time “Dharmo Rakshati Rakshita” is another popular Sanskrit phrase mentioned in Mahabharata and Manusmriti verse 8.15. It can be loosely translated as “those who protect the law are protected by the law.”


As the new year 2022 dawns today, we wish a very happy and prosperous new year to all our readers and hope that the Union Government of and the State and the Union Territory Governments and citizens of the country will abide by the above two complementing definitions of Dharma to promote happiness, peace and prosperity amongst all Indians.


A Very Happy and Prosperous New Year and 2022.


(The writer is the retired Deputy Director from Department and a freelancer)