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Leading Indian spice maker reassures public on product safety after overseas health alerts

A leading spice manufacturer in has come forward to assure customers regarding the safety of one of its popular products. Everest Food Products, well known for its iconic spice mixes sold worldwide, addressed concerns raised by food authorities in Singapore and Hong Kong against its fish curry powder blend.

While authorities in both countries advised limiting usage of the spice mix citing detection of potentially harmful pesticide levels, Everest has maintained the scrutinized product is completely safe for consumption. In a statement, the company's director highlighted that of the dozens of spices exported globally, only this single item was screened. He asserted this was done as a precaution and there was no factual basis for concern over customer well-being.

The regulatory bodies flagging the issue had themselves specified just one of Everest's wide range of culinary blends was involved. The notification aimed to safeguard public from any unlikely risks. However, Everest is backing its standards, stating stringent quality checks as per norms were followed prior to distribution of this product too.

The Spices Board of India as well as the country's top food regulatory authority have opened inquiries on the matter. Samples of powdered seasonings from major brands will be independently tested over the coming weeks. This will help investigate the feedback and assure there are no anomalies compromising food safety.

As a leading newspaper, we aim to present verified facts to readers regarding this development. While authorities do their due diligence in episodes like these, established companies like Everest have sound interests in upholding product integrity. An objective assessment of details emerging from investigations will help address public questions comprehensively.

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