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OpinionsLeading Change in NCC: Through Advocacy and Implementation

Leading Change in NCC: Through Advocacy and Implementation


by Major General RK Sachdeva

Having assumed the mantle of leadership at the Cadet Corps (NCC) in the Jammu Kashmir and Ladakh Directorate in Feb 2023, as a team we endeavoured to make the  Team embark on a journey of transformative advocacy and resolute implementation. This article provides insight into our collective commitment to advocate for positive change and it's my determination to see these advocacies manifest in impactful and tangible implementations.

Advocacy for Unity and National Pride: My advocacy begins with fostering unity and national pride. Through seminars and dialogues, we underscored the strength in unity, instilling a sense of national identity that transcends geographical and cultural boundaries among our cadets. We profess, “Unity is our foundation, and national pride is our collective strength.”

Implementing Inclusivity Through Training and infrastructure Development : Inclusivity is not a mere concept but a guiding principle embedded in our training programs. We believe in ensuring that cadets from diverse backgrounds learn the true essence of Teamwork and Camaraderie. The cadets both Boys and Girls from the border villages are also participating in the upcoming RDC Camp and some of them would be marching on the Kartavya Path on Republic Day on 26 Jan 2024.  As we maintain”Inclusivity is not just about acceptance; it's about celebrating our differences and growing stronger together.” To facilitate exponential improvement in training the NCC Directorate of Jammu Kashmir and Ladakh has embarked on the journey of establishing NCC Academies at Nagrota and Lehand one is under consideration at Srinagar. We wholeheartedly convey our gratitude  to the UT Administrations of Jammu Kashmir and Ladakh for positively and proactively giving fillip to all infrastructural improvements.

Achievements in Camps, Sports and Adventure Activities: As  Directorate we have accumulated various laurels; despite being the smallest in strength, punching beyond our weight in performance in all National Camps, sporting events as well as  adventure activities. Our Directorate has elevated the standing from 14th in 2022 to 4th in 2023 in Republic Day Camp.  The improvement in Thal Sainik Camp in 2023 securing 4th position is another feather in our cap as a team. We are slowly but surely building a mindset of imbibing a winning streak. Many of our NCC Cadets have brought laurels to the region by creating moments of Podium Finishes in sporting events. Shivani Charak in rock climbing is one such elite sportsperson who has accumulated 24  National levelmedals  and has participated in many Championship . Shivani Katal, (APS Samba) ,Ridhima Sambyal (APS Samba)  and Alankrita Sharma, (APS Udhampur) have been selected to  participate in Fencing in upcoming  67th  National Games at Latur. It would be our earnest endeavour to utilise the infrastructure created under the aegis of Department of Youth Sports and Services as well as J&K Sports Council by selecting the right talent to represent the UT at National and International level.  At the grass root level, NCC Directorate has distributed 30 TT Tables with playing equipment to 30 colleges/schools located in farflung areas of JK&L.

Transformation from NCC Cadets to Commissioned Officers:   While there has been a huge contribution towards Agniveers and other belted services, Girl Cadet Zubiksha Thakur has joined Air Force Academy in July 2023.  In boys category NCC boys Cadet Raghunandan Kesar and Cadet Mayank Sudan have joined OTA Gaya in 2023 and Cadet Amit Singh and Cadet Mohit Saini have joined NDA .  Cadet Manik Sharma of GGM Science College is awaiting to join AF Academy. Cadet Saksham Sharma has got commissioned as flying Officer and Cadet Charanjeet Singh Gill of MAM College has joined AF Academy. There are many more  such achievers and numberstoday stand at 20 officers, 400 Agniveers and 60 in Police Force.  These cadets are shining examples who would inspire generations through their achievements.

Advocacy for Skill Development and Nation Building: Beyond military training, our advocacy extends to equipping cadets with skills for holistic development. We undertake personality and leadership development initiatives, preparation for competitive exams interviews, on various career options, aligning the talents with the skills and abilities and lectures by alumni's  to inspire the young cadets. As we implement these advocacies, We emphasize, “Our cadets are not just defenders; they are architects of a prosperous nation, contributing to its socio-economic development.”

Environmental and Sustainable Development Practices: Environmental advocacy is a crucial aspect of our shared vision. We actively engage in raising awareness about climate change and sustainable living practices. Plantation drives and clean-up campaigns are not just activities; they represent our commitment to the future. We look forward for an enhanced involvement of the community for which the NCC cadets are acting as the change makers. We believe, “Each tree planted is a promise for a sustainable tomorrow.” Its our endeavour to focus upon the  Sustainable Development Goals and contribute towards World's Vision of 2030.

Implementing Community Engagement and Disaster Response: Community engagement is a cornerstone of our efforts contributing towards  leadership. Disaster response training is not theoretical but hands-on, reflecting our commitment to community safety. I often state, “In times of crisis, our cadets are not just responders; they are beacons of hope for the communities we serve.”

Latest Initiative; Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Security Awareness: In keeping with contemporary challenges, NCC Jammu is spearheading an Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Security Awareness campaign. Advocacy for digital literacy and cyber security is crucial for our cadets. As I emphasize, “In a world driven by technology, our cadets must be both guardians and innovators, embracing AI responsibly and safeguarding our digital frontiers.” Towards implementation of the same all possible stakeholders from J&K Cyber Cell, Army regional forensic labs, Heads of Computer Science Department from IIT Jammu and Computer Science teachers and Professors have been engaged for a protracted campaign. In last three months 4000 plus cadets and students have benefitted from this campaign  which would result into awareness of so many families and relations when these cadets contribute towards a digitally safe environment.

Milestones of JK&L Directorate.They include numerous commendable accomplishments such as LG's Unit Citation (first in the country), introduction of AI to NCC Cadets (first in the country) inclusion of approx 500 NCC Cadets as officers, agniveers and police forces, outstanding performance in various competitions, sports and receipt of a large number of awards.  These achievements reflect the dedication, discipline and hardwork of the cadets, as well as the effective leadership and guidance provided by the NCC Directorate.  The milestones collectively contribute to the positive reputation and impact of NCC in inspiring and motivating cadets to continue striving for excellence and upholding the national values.

Conclusion: In the landscape of advocacy and implementation, we lead with a vision of positive change. Our role goes beyond strategic planning; it involves inspiring and leading cadets toward a shared vision of a stronger, more united India. As we advocate for unity, inclusivity, and sustainable development, the true impact lies in the implementation of these principles in the daily lives of our cadets.

In closing, we remain unwavering in our commitment to advocacy that resonates through the valleys and implementation that shapes the destiny of the region and the nation. NCC Directorate Jammu Kashmir and Ladakh, marches towards a future where advocacy is not just spoken but lived, and positive change is not just a vision but a reality. It's our firm belief that, “The transformation begins with each cadet, and together, we carve a path towards a brighter and united tomorrow.”

The author is ADG Jammu Kashmir and Ladakh Directorate




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