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EditorialKashmir debate in RS echoes for peace!

Kashmir debate in RS echoes for peace!


, once again, dominated the Upper House of the Parliament this Wednesday a day after the Upper House witnessed noisy scenes during the Zero Hour with the Opposition demanding a discussion as unrest coupled with violence continued unabated in Kashmir Valley.

The opposition parties expressed serious concern over the prevailing situation in the Valley but also tried to project that as if this phase of turmoil in the valley is for the first time because PDP has entered a coalition with rightwing BJP in a Muslim majority and ‘sensitive' state.

History, even the recent one, stands witness to the conflicts on regular intervals and we all know that the conflict is not a new phenomenon.

But what was most important of that emerged in this Kashmir debate in Rajya Sabha was that all parties were unanimous on the issue of restoring peace in the valley by initiating measures to engage those who are dissatisfied but believe in democratic values and shun violence. Pakistan was unanimously accused of flaring the sentiments of some disgruntled element in the valley.

Reproducing here the most relevant and important highlights of the discussion to sum up the political thoughts:  

Home Minister Rajnath Singh :

# If there will be any talks with Pakistan, it will only be on PoK and not Kashmir.

# Have no hesitation in saying that whatever is happening in Kashmir is sponsored by Pakistan.

# Some LeT militants are trying to threaten our security personnel and their families in J&K.

# Discussion on Kashmir sign of healthy democracy; people should be proud of.

# I am not trying to justify the use of non-lethal weapon but it has been used before.

# Security forces have been told to exercise as much restraint as they can.

# State government is trying its best to provide basic facilities amidst unrest situation created by some vested interest & misguided elements.

What MoS Jitendra Singh said:


# The youth of Kashmir wants to be the beneficiary of 's success story.


# Those who motivated these children to come forward in the name of Jihad have safely kept their own children in safe havens in India's metro cities  and abroad.

# Most of these children who got killed, were the children of the poorest of the poor sections of the valley.


# J&K is unique in the sense that it has its own constitution. Constitution of J&K itself says ‘I am an integral part of India'.


# There are statements being made that ever since BJP came into power, situation in Kashmir has deteriorated. But what about Amarnath Yatra tragedy that killed so many people?


# Amarnath Yatra killing happened during the Congress rule. Let's not compare how many died in Kashmir under which government's rule.

Highlights of Congress leader Karan Singh's speech-

# We say Jammu and Kashmir is an integral part of India. No doubt about it.  

# Kashmir issue is extremely complicated. There is no simple solution. There is no magic bullet. We need to put our heads together and see what consensus can be reached.



J-K PDP MP Nazir Ahmad Laway said:

# Why wasn't there any problem in Kashmir until 1987?

#Why do we only remember Kashmir when it is burning? Guns will not solve any problem.

What Swapan Dasgupta spoke:


# The threat in #Kashmir is not just about autonomy but also about orchestrated terrorism.

# Three months ago, Kashmir was peaceful. We had a unique political experiment. It was an alliance between the Valley and Jammu, something which was unique and encouraging. And then something broke loose.

# A lot of the people who have taken to the streets may be spontaneous. But there is also a large degree of pre-meditation in the protests.


# At an earlier time, it was thought that Article 370 would facilitate the process of integration. But we may have actually hardened the emotional divide.


CPM leader Sitaram Yechury's speech-


# Why is there trust deficit in Kashmir?

# If there is a trust deficit, you have to create an atmosphere of trust.

# I urge government to discuss this issue (Kashmir unrest) with open mind, listen to all ideas, confidence building is required.

# I suggested that pelleting should stop, that all shades of opinion should be sought.

 Samajwadi Party leader Ram Gopal Yadav Spoke:


# Pakistan's ISI and terrorist organisations are misleading Kashmiri youth to attack their own people. Until Pakistan is dealt with, the Kashmir issue will not be resolved.


What J-K BJP MP Shamsher Singh Manhas said:


# The high turnout during assembly polls in Kashmir reflected their trust in democracy. This turn of events, he says, should be examined.


#Kashmir cannot be discussed without also talking about Jammu and .

# 55% of the state's population resides in Jammu, and despite widespread unemployment, they have not picked up the gun. It is a matter of nationalism.

What Ghulam Nabi Azad said:

# There should be an all party delegation and a meeting that needs to be sent to J&K.

# You call J&K an integral part of India, but there needs to be integration of heart between people of India & J&K.

# There is a difference between communalism and separatism.

# J&K is facing a sensitive situation today, there's a need for all of us to speak in one voice, Arun Jaitley said in a reply to Azad's speech.

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