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Life StyleIs Your Toothpaste Really Safe? Common Ingredient SLS May Cause Mouth Irritation

Is Your Toothpaste Really Safe? Common Ingredient SLS May Cause Mouth Irritation


As I investigated the safety of various personal hygiene products, one ingredient in particular stood out – Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or SLS. Commonly used as a foaming agent in toothpastes and cleansers, experts warn that SLS could potentially irritate the delicate tissues in our mouths.

My inquiry began after coming across social media posts from naturopath Dr. Janine Bowring advising patients to check labels for SLS. Consulting dental specialist Dr. Kamlesh Kothari shed more light on this ingredient. Dr. Kothari explained that while SLS helps remove plaque and debris as intended, some individuals report discomfort like dryness or canker sores from teeth pastes containing it.

into potential effects of SLS was also reviewed. Regulatory bodies deem amounts typically used as safe, and no direct link to cancer has been proven. However, as an irritant, SLS could exacerbate mouth sensitivity in users according to Dr. Kothari. Disrupting the mouth's natural moisture barrier may also contribute to dryness.

For those experiencing issues, alternatives do exist. Dr. Kothari recommends seeking out SLS-free products or consulting dentists for personalized recommendations. Indian brands offer sulfate-free options as well. While SLS has cleansing applications, minor formulation changes could make oral care more comfortable for consumers with delicate mouths. As with any personal product, being informed allows for choices attuned to individual wellness needs.

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