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TechnologyIs Your Pair Authentic? 5 Foolproof Ways to Determine if Your AirPods...

Is Your Pair Authentic? 5 Foolproof Ways to Determine if Your AirPods are Genuine


With AirPods being one of Apple's most popular accessories, counterfeiters have also jumped on the bandwagon to scam unwary buyers. But now you can rest assured that you aren't falling for fake AirPods with these 5 simple tricks to verify if your pair is 100% authentic.

Unpackaging the Truth
The packaging is usually the first giveaway. Check for misspellings, font size discrepancies or single-piece labeling on fake boxes. Genuine Apple packaging also includes user manuals, safety sheets etc. Missing contents? Time to reconsider.

Serial Spot-On
Apple serial numbers protect against duplication but fakes sometimes miss this vital detail. Verify yours on Apple's checker page or inspect the underside of each AirPod – authentic ones imprint numbers identically on box and buds.

Connect and Confirm
iOS 16's ‘Cannot Verify AirPods' alert detects counterfeits during setup. While bugs could also trigger it, this provides instant peace of mind.

Color and Clarity Questions
Only white AirPods are original – any other shades scream fake. Inspect build quality too for flawed seams. And how's the audio? Rich, full-bodied sound is Apple, tinny tones aren't.

Button Check
Examine the charging case click-button – flush and even, or loose and sticking out? The latter likely means your AirPods are less than genuine.

With these smart authentication tactics, you can buy AirPods hassle-free while dodging duplicate dealers. Protect your investment and treat your ears to genuine Apple audio excellence.

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