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    InternationalIndian American Lawmaker Voices Frustration at Rejection of Immigration Reform Bill

    Indian American Lawmaker Voices Frustration at Rejection of Immigration Reform Bill


    Indian American Lawmaker Voices Frustration Over Rejection of Pro-Immigration Bill

    In a blow to advocates of immigration reform, a key piece of proposed legislation promoting legal status for millions of undocumented residents recently failed to advance in Congress. The bill, known as the Eagle Act, aimed to establish a fast-track process towards citizenship. However, it did not receive enough support for consideration on the floor of the House of Representatives, prompting consternation from its supporters.

    One such disappointed backer is Pramila Jayapal, the first Indian-American woman to serve in the US House of Representatives. The Washington Representative has been outspoken about the need for compassionate and inclusive immigration policies. In an interview, she shared frustration over her congressional colleagues' lack of understanding of the Eagle Act's significance. If passed, it could have provided stability and hope to long-term residents seeking to contribute fully within the only nation many of them have ever known.

    Jayapal believes reform is long overdue and strongly advocated for the bill given her experience representing a diverse district. Recent polls also show public support is growing for providing undocumented immigrants who pay taxes a route to legal status and citizenship through passing background checks and learning English. However, partisan divides remain an obstacle, and key deadlines are fast approaching without action. Going forward, Jayapal says she will continue utilizing her position to educate others and highlight real stories that often get lost in the statistics. Only through open dialogue and recognition of shared interests, she argues, can compromise be found to fix a system all agree is in need of update.

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