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    InternationalImmigrant accused of killing woman transports body as police vehicle passes by

    Immigrant accused of killing woman transports body as police vehicle passes by


    Murder Suspect Escapes Notice in Shocking Footage

    A horrifying incident was caught on camera recently where an undocumented immigrant was seen brazenly transporting the body of a woman he had allegedly killed in New York, right as a police cruiser drove by without stopping. Surveillance video shows the suspect dragging the lifeless body of a woman down a sidewalk in broad daylight. Shockingly, moments later a police vehicle is seen slowly passing by on the same street but did not notice the appalling scene unfolding just feet away.

    According to reports, the man is accused of attacking and killing the victim at her home earlier that day. Police stated the suspect then proceeded to remove the woman’s body from the premises and was transporting it down the block when the cruiser fortuitously went by but did not spot anything amiss. The disturbing footage shows the man callously hauling the body by its arms as if it were merely a large object, with the victim’s legs trailing behind limply.

    Investigators believe if the officer had been more observant, a potential homicide may have been averted. However, for inexplicable reasons the passing police did not notice the grim sight and drove on. The suspect was later apprehended after authorities reviewed the CCTV footage which helped identify and locate him. He now faces serious criminal charges related to the homicide. The inaction of the police officer even as critical evidence was unfolding outside has raised questions on response protocols and heightened awareness.

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