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EditorialIdentify, Root Out Black Sheep

Identify, Root Out Black Sheep


In light of the increasing instances of involvement of certain individuals from security forces in anti- and narcotics activities, it is imperative to address this grave concern with utmost urgency. The rising frequency of these cases has underscored the need to identify and root out all such black sheep to preserve the integrity and trust of people in the security forces.

Time and again it has been witnessed that people engaged in security operations and even anti-narcotics duties themselves indulge in such illegal activities giving a dent to the purpose to end these scourges from the society. The government should go for a thorough investigation and strict accountability measures to ensure that those found guilty of such activities face the full force of the law. The involvement of security personnel in activities that undermine national security and public is unacceptable.

In this context, another case has been surfaced in Rajouri district where reportedly Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) team from with the help of BSF's G Branch has arrested two former porters working with army, from the Line of Control area and recovered 2.04 kg heroin from their possession. The arrest was made in Chingus area on the Rajouri Jammu Highway and the recovered consignment of heroin was smuggled from across the border. As the Indian security forces are the backbone of a nation's safety and well-being, the actions of a few black sheep involved in anti-national and narcotics businesses should not tarnish the reputation of the entire force.

Therefore, it is time to identify and take stringent action against a handful of wrongdoers to restore the public's trust and ensure the security of the country. Going by such cases, the only remedy in sight is to establish a special task force to conduct detailed investigations into allegations of involvement of security personnel in anti-national and narcotics activities and ensure a strict legal action against those found guilty so that the same could act as a deterrent for others.

As the integrity of security forces is paramount, it becomes imperative that those who betray their duty and engage in harmful activities should be identified and removed from the service besides facing the law of the land for their unforgivable misdemeanors.


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