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Life StyleICMR advises choosing whole spices over powdered to avoid adulteration

ICMR advises choosing whole spices over powdered to avoid adulteration


Experts Recommend Opting for Whole Spices Over Powdered Varieties

In a move aimed at enhancing food safety, the Indian Council of Medical has issued new dietary guidelines advising consumers to choose whole spices instead of powdered options. This comes as powdered spices are deemed more susceptible to adulteration.

The guidelines state that since ground spices can be adulterated more easily, whole spices which are uniform in size, color and texture are preferable. They also encourage purchasing certified products for additional assurance of quality and purity.

Experts have voiced concerns over health hazards stemming from adulterated powdered spices. Contaminants like heavy metals, artificial colors and excessive pesticide residues can potentially cause organ damage, allergic reactions or long-term ailments if consumed regularly.

Nutritionist Monika Vasudeva emphasizes inspecting spices for abnormal color or texture that may point to contamination. She also recommends procuring spices from trusted brands and checking for certifications. Grinding whole spices at home right before use helps retain nutrients while avoiding impure commercial powders.

Using whole rather than powdered spices offers several advantages. Whole spices maintain their natural oils and nutrients, imparting superior flavor and benefits. They also infuse complexity and aroma into dishes when cracked or ground fresh prior to cooking.

Health authorities face challenges in detecting sophisticated adulteration techniques through standard testing alone. Stricter quality norms, surveillance of sample testing and awareness about visual identifiers of adulteration are crucial to curb the practice. Opting for verified whole spices ensures a safer, more nutritious cooking experience for consumers.

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