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    How Pituitary Tumors Affect Your Body’s Hormone Balance

    How Pituitary Tumors Can Affect Your Hormone Balance

    Tumors forming in the pea-sized pituitary gland located at the base of the brain can cause disruption to the intricate hormonal system that governs our and well-being. This delicate master gland oversees the releasing of hormones from other glands like the thyroid, adrenals and reproductive organs. However, when tumors develop in the pituitary, it can result in the over or underproduction of hormones with wide-ranging effects on the body.

    According to an endocrinology specialist, pituitary tumors are generally non-cancerous growths that arise due to genetic or environmental factors. While small microadenomas under 10mm may not show symptoms, larger tumors cause pressure effects leading to headaches, vision issues and hormone imbalance side effects. The most common hormonal deficits occur with prolactin, growth hormone and cortisol secretion.

    Too much prolactin suppresses the reproductive hormones causing menstrual irregularities or loss of libido in women and men respectively. Excess growth hormone results in acromegaly features like enlarged hands and feet or facial changes. Low cortisol can lead to fatigue, weight loss and a weakened response to physical stress. Early diagnosis using MRI scans is key as hormone replacement aims to restore health while surgery or radiation treats the tumor causing these disruptions.

    With timely intervention, a balanced hormonal milieu keeps chronic illnesses at bay. However, long-term hormonal surges and deficiencies take a toll on overall wellness. So increased awareness about pituitary tumors and their signs can expedite diagnosis and management for a better prognosis. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and diet along with regular checkups acts as prevention for these stealthy growths in an otherwise vital master control center of our body.

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