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How AI Powers Stunning Picture Quality and Significant Energy Savings on Samsung’s New 8K Neo QLED Smart TVs


Samsung has unveiled its latest Neo QLED 8K smart TV lineup which utilizes innovative artificial intelligence capabilities to enhance the viewing experience while significantly reducing energy consumption. Powered by Samsung's new NQ8 AI Gen3 processor, the AI functions on these smart TVs in a software as well as hardware manner for optimized performance.

Mohandeep Singh, Vice President of Samsung 's Visual Display division explained that the dedicated neural processor in the NQ8 AI Gen3 chip is twice as fast as the previous generation, allowing for quicker on-device processing of AI tasks. This enables new features and services for consumers. Some development of these AI features occurred in Samsung's Indian research centers.

One key area where AI provides benefits is energy savings. According to Mr. Singh, the AI energy saving mode can lower electricity usage by up to 30% compared to earlier Samsung TV models, without compromising picture or audio quality for viewers. The AI understands content and ambient conditions, automatically adjusting settings in real-time for best output while maximizing efficiency.

Consumers can also enjoy content at resolutions closer to true 8K thanks to AI Upscaling Pro. It analyzes and enhances lower resolution to near-8K quality on the ultra-sharp Neo QLED screens. 8K content is growing and the AI ensures lower quality files still look impressive. Additional AI features like Motion Enhancer Pro and Adaptive Sound optimize gameplay and audio too.

Samsung is committed to bringing more AI-powered innovations to its television lineup. Some existing smart TVs may gain new AI abilities through software updates instead of hardware changes. With intelligent features that save energy while elevating the viewing experience, Samsung's Neo QLED 8K is set to heighten home with cutting-edge picture and artificial intelligence.

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