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    Life StyleHow a common but embarrassing health condition disrupted a newlywed's special night

    How a common but embarrassing health condition disrupted a newlywed’s special night


    The article has an attention-grabbing headline to capture readers – “How an ‘abnormal' condition turned a newlywed's first night into a ‘nightmare.'” Here is my SEO-friendly rewrite of the article while retaining all key facts:

    A newlywed's joy turned to despair due to a medical condition

    Mini was thrilled to marry her childhood love Manoj. However, their wedding night took an unexpected and embarrassing turn when Mini wet the bed due to nocturnal enuresis (NE), commonly known as bedwetting.

    NE is defined as involuntary urination during sleep that occurs at least twice a month for those over the age of five years. It affects 2-3% of adults. Mini suffered from NE since childhood, usually occurring 2-3 times a week and causing low self-esteem.

    On their wedding night, Mini fell into a deep sleep out of tiredness. She was abruptly awoken by Manoj who was furious upon discovering the accident. Dr. Sudhir Kumar, who treated Mini, said the condition stems from delayed development of bladder control or a small bladder size. Stress can also contribute.

    Thankfully, Mini had an understanding husband who insisted they seek help. Dr. Kumar diagnosed NE and prescribed medication alongside counseling. Mini experienced significant improvement with the multi-pronged approach.

    Parents and partners mustn't shame those with NE, only offer empathy and encourage treatment. With the right support, even long-term conditions like Mini's can be managed. This shows an “abnormal” health issue need not ruin newlywed bliss when approached compassionately.

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