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IndiaHopeful India, China will restore peace at borders through bilateral engagement: PM...

Hopeful India, China will restore peace at borders through bilateral engagement: PM Says people reaping peace dividend in J&K


NEW DELHI, Apr 10: Asserting that stable and peaceful relations between and China are important for the entire region and the world, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has expressed hope that through positive and constructive bilateral engagement at the diplomatic and military levels, the two countries will be able to restore and sustain peace and tranquility at their borders.

In an interview with Newsweek magazine of the US, Modi said for India, the relationship with China is important and significant.

“It is my belief that we need to urgently address the prolonged situation on our borders so that the abnormality in our bilateral interactions can be put behind us. Stable and peaceful relations between India and China are important for not just our two countries but the entire region and world,” he said.

“I hope and believe that through positive and constructive bilateral engagement at the diplomatic and military levels, we will be able to restore and sustain peace and tranquility in our borders,” Modi said.

During the wide-ranging interview with the New York-based magazine, the prime minister talked about a host of issues including the upcoming Lok Sabha polls, ties with Pakistan, Quad, Ram temple and democracy, among others.

Asked about ties with Pakistan, Modi said he has congratulated the prime minister of Pakistan on taking over office and asserted that India has always advocated for advancing peace, security and prosperity in the region in an atmosphere free from terror and violence.

On the imprisonment of former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, Modi said, “I won't comment on matters internal to Pakistan.”

Talking about China and the Quad grouping, the prime minister said the US, Australia, Japan, India, China are members of many groups.

“We are present in different combinations in different groups. Quad is not aimed against any country. Like many other groupings, like SCO, BRICS and others, Quad is also a group of like-minded countries working on a shared positive agenda,” he said.

The Quad grouping comprises India, the US, Australia and Japan.

On criticism of abrogation of and Kashmir's special status, Modi said, “I would encourage you to visit Jammu and Kashmir to witness first-hand the sweeping positive changes happening on (the) ground. Do not go by what I or others tell you. I went to Jammu and Kashmir just last month. For the first time, people have a new hope in their lives.”

“The process of development, good governance and empowerment of the people is to be seen to be believed,” he said.

“People are reaping the peace dividend: Over 21 million tourists visited Jammu and Kashmir in 2023. There has been a significant decline in terror incidents. Organized bandh/hartals (protests), stone pelting, which once disrupted normal life, are now a thing of the past,” the prime minister said.

On the significance of the newly-inaugurated Ram temple at Ayodhya, Modi said the name of Shri Ram is imprinted on our consciousness.

“His (Lord Ram) life has set the contours of thoughts and values in our civilization. His name echoes across the length and breadth of our sacred land. Therefore, during the 11-day special ritual I observed, I made a pilgrimage to the places that carry the footprints of Shri Ram. My journey that took me to various corners of the country showed the revered place Shri Ram holds within each of us,” he said.

“The return of Shri Ram to his birthplace marked a historic moment of unity for the nation. It was a culmination of centuries of perseverance and sacrifice. When I was asked to be part of the ceremony, I knew I would be representing the 1.4 billion people of the country, who have waited patiently for centuries to witness Ram Lalla's return,” he said.

“During the 11 days leading up to this auspicious event, I carried with me the aspirations of countless devotees, eagerly anticipating this day. The ceremony itself brought the nation together into a celebration, akin to a second Diwali. Every home was illuminated by the light of Ram Jyoti. I see it as a divine blessing that I could experience the consecration ceremony as a representative of 1.4 billion Indians,” he said.

On the upcoming Lok Sabha polls, Modi said his government has an excellent track record of fulfilling promises.

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