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    TechnologyGoogle Play Store tests new 'App Launcher' feature to automatically start freshly...

    Google Play Store tests new ‘App Launcher’ feature to automatically start freshly installed apps


    “Google Play Store gets a new handy feature”

    Google Play users may soon find it more convenient than ever to start using their freshly installed apps, thanks to a new automatic launching feature being tested. Dubbed “App Launcher”, the tweak lets the Play Store immediately fire up an app after it finishes downloading.

    Instead of the standard post-install options of “Open” or “Uninstall”, a banner message will now pop up on screen to notify users that their new app is raring to go. They can choose to go ahead and let it launch with a single tap, or delay playing around with it for later. Either way, no more hassle remembering to manually open each new addition to the home screen.

    Some key things to know – the notification will remain visible for five seconds max before vanishing. Volume and vibration controls follow device settings as usual. Plus, users can opt out of App Launcher in the Play Store settings if automatic app-spinning isn't their thing.

    Though not live for all just yet, this should prove a handy timesaver for the majority who space out or become sidetracked after downloading. By slicing out an extra step, Google aims to get people into their freshly installed experiences more swiftly. Expect a official rollout if testing continues smoothly. One thing is for sure – app discovery is about to get even more seamless on Android devices worldwide.

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