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Life StyleExperts dispel notion that idlis and dosas are light foods; advise moderation

Experts dispel notion that idlis and dosas are light foods; advise moderation


Are Idlis and Dosas Really as Light as We Think? Experts Say Moderation is Key

While idlis and dosas are staples on many South Indian breakfast tables for their delicious taste and perceived benefits, new insights from nutrition experts have highlighted that these fermented foods may not be as light as commonly believed. In fact, overindulging in them daily could impact gut and overall health.

Divya Malik Dhawan, a noted Delhi-based dietitian, points out that though fermented foods boast some health perks, excess quantities can cause issues like bloating, gas and diarrhea for some. This is because the fermentation process increases the food volume while adding sodium and sugar for preservation. The yeast used can also produce gas that stresses digestion.

Ayurvedic practitioner Dr. Varalakshmi Yanamandra concurs, stating ingredients like urad dal in idlis and dosas are technically “heavy, hot and tissue-clogging.” Frequent consumption could aggravate skin disorders, bleeding conditions or inflammation for susceptible individuals.

Dhawan confirms the popular notion that idlis and dosas are light is misleading. “While they offer nutrition, the foods are dense and not as light as a salad. Overindulging may trigger health problems.” Moderation is advised to reap benefits safely.

For healthier enjoyment, experts recommend homemade versions with less preservatives and salt vs store-bought. Those with allergies or on low-salt diets must also restrict or avoid fermented foods and consult doctors in case of reactions. In summary, occasional indulgence but not daily dosing seems the prudent approach for idlis and dosas, according to nutrition experts canvassed.

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