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    EditorialDon’t Underestimate Heat Waves

    Don’t Underestimate Heat Waves


    The people these days are quite lucky that different supercomputers are working day and night to forecast and warn about all kinds of vagaries beforehand to ensure that no untoward happening should take place.

    In the same context, during these days of sweltering summer season, the MeT Department is doing a meticulous job in spreading information about upcoming weather conditions, especially the dangerous heat waves, which have wreaked havoc in many places in the country by snatching many precious lives. The need of the time is to take all such warnings very seriously as many people taking things for granted have faced the wrath of the weather God in recent days.

    As the MeT department has predicted that there is a likelihood of another heat wave over the plains of region from June 22, all the concerned quarters should gird up loins to deal with the exigency in an efficient manner to make sure that people don't face any severities due to harsh climate.

    Reportedly, the unrelenting heat waves sweeping large parts of the country have claimed at least 110 lives and left over 40,000 people grappling with suspected heatstroke between March 1 and June 18 this year. Swathes of northern and eastern have been in the grip of long heat waves, increasing heat stroke casualties and prompting the Centre to issue advisory to hospitals to set up special units to cater to such patients. The alarming death figure underscores the critical need to not underestimate the destructive power of extreme heat.

    Heat waves are not merely inconvenient weather phenomena but they pose serious and sometimes fatal risks, particularly to vulnerable populations such as the elderly, children, and those with preexisting health conditions. Heat waves, defined as prolonged periods of excessively hot weather, can lead to a range of health problems. Heat exhaustion and heat stroke are the most immediate and severe outcomes, potentially leading to organ damage and death if not promptly treated. The recent fatalities highlight the urgent need for comprehensive public awareness and preparedness strategies. Public health campaigns must emphasize the importance of hydration, staying indoors during peak heat hours, and recognizing the signs of heat-related illnesses. The tragic loss of over 100 lives due to recent heat waves serves as a stark reminder of the dangers posed by extreme heat. By not underestimating heat waves and taking proactive measures to protect public health, the stakeholders can prevent further loss of life.

    It is imperative that people in Jammu region recognize the severity of this threat and work collaboratively to implement effective strategies to safeguard their health and well-being looking into the likelihood of another severe heat wave starting from June 22, this year.





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