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    Life StyleDoes drinking milk really cause more mucus? Experts weigh in on common...

    Does drinking milk really cause more mucus? Experts weigh in on common myth


    Many folks assume that drinking milk when suffering from a cold or cough will make mucus production worse. However, is there any truth to this notion? We consulted medical professionals to get to the bottom of this common belief.

    According to experts, some people may experience this due to sensitivity or intolerance to dairy, rather than milk universally increasing mucus. As Reshma A M, a Bengaluru-based nutritionist explained, milk leaves a creamy coating in the mouth that could be mistaken for extra mucus. Dr. Shrey Srivastav added that symptoms like congestion arising from lactose intolerance are sometimes confused with more phlegm.

    Interestingly, Dr. Arjun Khanna notes many patients overly fixate on phlegm in relation to diet. Milk, bananas, rice and more have been associated with mucus production without evidence. Modern medicine does not support foods directly causing increased mucus secretion.

    also found no difference in mucus levels between those drinking cow's milk versus a soy drink. As Reshma emphasized, personal intolerances may elicit symptoms which should not be generalized to all. Those with asthma or bronchitis could experience thicker secretions, but milk itself does not amplify mucus amounts.

    For the vast majority without sensitivity, drinking milk poses no issues. Experts advise staying hydrated and using medication as prescribed for existing respiratory disorders. Only discolored or foul-smelling secretions require prompt medical attention per Dr. Khanna. While old beliefs link diet to phlegm, scientific consensus shows milk consumption alone does not impact mucus production.

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