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    Life StyleDoes a Viral DIY Skincare Mix of Flaxseeds and Coffee Really Work?

    Does a Viral DIY Skincare Mix of Flaxseeds and Coffee Really Work?


    New DIY SkinCare Mix Promises Glowing Skin – But Does it Really Work?

    Social media is often flooded with home remedy trends that promise clear, radiant skin overnight. The latest viral recipe gaining popularity uses a blend of flaxseeds, rice, almonds and coffee mixed with raw milk and a vitamin E capsule. According to the creator of this DIY mix, applying it daily guarantees fresh, glowing skin. However, before trying out every social media skincare hack, it's important to verify claims with expert opinion.

    We consulted Dr. Shareefa Chause, a seasoned dermatologist, on the potential benefits and risks of this skincare mixture. While certain ingredients like coffee contain antioxidants that can protect the skin, there are some noteworthy concerns with this DIY remedy. Applying coffee directly in large amounts risks skin irritation for many. The rough texture of ground seeds and grains may also irritate sensitive facial skin. Those with allergy-prone skin should avoid flaxseeds which can potentially cause reactions like rashes or itching.

    Overall, Dr. Chause advises proceeding cautiously when testing any home remedies on the delicate skin of the face. Severe reactions are possible if the skin cannot tolerate a specific ingredient. It is always best to consult a dermatologist before incorporating untested recipes or hacks into your routine. With facial skincare, seeking expert guidance helps ensure safety from potential allergic issues. While social media promises glowing results overnight, building healthy skin requires consistency with products tailored for individual needs and concerns. Shortcuts should never compromise careful skincare.

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