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Life StyleDiscover India's top regional mango types from Alphonso to Totapuri

Discover India’s top regional mango types from Alphonso to Totapuri


New Delhi – Summers are considered incomplete without indulging in the sweet delight that is mangoes. Known as the ‘King of Fruits', mangoes have been a staple during the sunny months in . With various local varieties found across regions, the Ministry of recently highlighted some of the most popular mango types grown in the country.

In a recent post focusing on nutritional summer foods, the Ministry spoke about ten prime mango varieties ranging from the iconic Alphonso to the fiber-rich Totapuri. “From succulent Alphonsos to vibrant Kesar, India offers a bounty of mango varieties that cater to diverse palates with their unique flavors, textures and nutrient profiles,” it stated.

Some noteworthy varieties included the locally favored Chausa mango from Uttar Pradesh known for its balanced sweetness. Likewise, Kesar mangoes from Gujarat are prized for their bright red hue and keeping quality. Another juicy option is Daseri, appreciated for its balanced sugars.

Moving beyond names, the post shed light on traits of various types. For instance, while Langda mangoes from Varanasi have thin skin wrapping extremely sweet pulp, Safeda or Baneshan is suited to dry belts due to its large size and storageability. Similarly, Totapuri is noted for regular bearing in addition to processing suitability.

Highlighting nutrition, experts remarked that in addition to vitamins A and C, mangoes are laden with antioxidants, dietary fiber and prebiotics supporting overall wellness. “From boosting immunity to improving digestion, these fruits have you covered in summer,” stated a dietician.

With such delicious diversity in India's mango basket, this fruit season is the perfect time to explore native varieties beyond crowd favorites like Alphonso. The king of fruits is indeed a true superfood and taste of summer!

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