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EditorialDelhi’s Fatal Hospital Fire – A Wakeup Call!

Delhi’s Fatal Hospital Fire – A Wakeup Call!


The horrific fire incident at Baby Care NewBorn Hospital in East Delhi's Vivek Vihar, which resulted in the devastating loss of seven newborn babies, has underscored the urgent need for comprehensive fire safety measures across all healthcare facilities. This heart-wrenching event should serve as a stark reminder to authorities in also to prioritize the safety and welfare of the people by conducting prerequisite fire audits of all hospital buildings and similar edifices in and around the Temple City.

It is although surprising that the concerned authorities in the Capital have apparently remained lethargic in carrying out things which were part and parcel of their responsibility to ensure safety of the patients and other people supposed to be present in the aforesaid hospital which allegedly was working despite expiry of its license (NOC) on March 31, and was reportedly not having fire services clearance as well.

It is the right time for the authorities in Jammu and Union Territory should take cue from this unfortunate tragedy and issue an order   to conduct detailed and periodic fire safety audits of all hospital buildings and even places other than hospitals where people assemble in good numbers.

It should be ensured that these safety audits should identify potential fire hazards, assess existing fire safety measures, and recommend necessary improvements. It should also be made mandatory for all such buildings and establishments to install advanced fire detection systems, including smoke detectors, heat detectors, and alarm systems, in all critical areas of hospitals including wards, ICUs, and neonatal units besides equipping the same with automatic sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers, and fire hose reels that are easily accessible and regularly maintained.

It is also important to hold regular and frequent fire evacuation drills to ensure that staff and patients are familiar with emergency procedures. These drills should include information dissemination about all possible evacuation routes, assembly points, and exact role expected from the hospital personnel during the emergencies.

Considering the Delhi tragedy, it is the right time for the authorities in Jammu to significantly enhance the safety and welfare of patients, staff, and visitors in hospitals and similar buildings by implementing the aforesaid fire safety protocols and even others as suggested by the experts in the field because it is the shared responsibility of one and all to create more safe and secure environments in all such buildings housing people in large numbers.


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