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EntertainmentDeepak Tijori sets the record straight on viral remark about Amrita Singh...

Deepak Tijori sets the record straight on viral remark about Amrita Singh and Saif Ali Khan


In a recent interview, actor Deepak Tijori found himself having to clear the air regarding a statement he made earlier this year that was taken wildly out of context. Tijori's original comment referenced the tremendous camaraderie between himself and his peers from the 1990s scene, including Saif Ali Khan. However, the remark was misrepresented by some to imply that Saif's then-wife Amrita Singh had interfered to prevent him from supporting Tijori's debut film ‘Pehla Nasha'.

Seeking to set the record straight, Tijori spoke to a leading publication to provide clarity on the situation. He expressed frustration that his words were misconstrued to paint Amrita, whom he holds in high regard, in an unfair light. Tijori explained the actual sequence of events was that when Saif informed Amrita of plans to make a special appearance in ‘Pehla Nasha', she was simply surprised by the close bond shared between actors of that generation compared to her times in the industry.

At no point, emphasized Tijori, did he suggest Amrita discouraged or obstructed Saif's cameo. The acclaimed actress was merely acknowledging the fraternity among peers in the 1990s scene. Tijori said it pained him to see the misreported anecdote spread online, distorting both his statement and Amrita's character. He called her a “sweetheart and wonderful woman” who has always been a steadfast supporter of colleagues in the film .

With the record now set straight, Tijori hopes viewers focus on the release of his upcoming directorial venture ‘Tippsy' hitting cinemas on May 10th. The clarification restores the sterling reputations of both Amrita Singh and Deepak Tijori in the wake of an unfortunate communication mishap.

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